Ugh. My least favorite part of being a writer is promotion. Well, that and ya know, the whole being poor thing. But I’d still be writing even if I were never shooting for publication.
Although in keeping with the season, I have to say that I’m thankful that people are actually reading my books, and even paying money to do so.
Now I’m stuck in the promote zone, and being a humble introvert, even online marketing isn’t always the easiest thing in the world. I just want people to read my work and let the material speak for itself.
So in light of this, I’m releasing part 1 of demiGod as a free book app for your smartphone or tablet. It’s still in the last stage before release, so I’ll keep you updated on that.
Actually I’m pretty excited about it. It’s sort of like being able to personally hand a free gift to hundreds of people all at once.
But naturally I hope you will want to continue reading and go on to get yourself a copy of Part II. 🙂
There’s also talk of an audiobook in the works. More to come on that later.
So some good things are happening, but as with all things, it takes some time.
Stick around for updates, and thanks for reading!

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