Hey fans, friends, and potential future enemies!

As you can see, the demiGod audiobook is here, and has been for a bit. Life’s been a little too crazy to promote it (or update this blog) as much as I’d like. But alas, Part I is here, and read by the very talented Bryant Sullivan.

So yeah, that’s some stuff going on. Part II is in the works btw.

Also in other news, I have been working on some science fiction–obviously not related to the demiGod story–but a sci-fi world that’s been in the makings since maybe junior high…? Yeah, it’s been a while. If you’re a sci-fi or sci-fantasy fan, I think you’ll enjoy what’s cooking in the ol’ noodle for this next book. So stay tuned for more of that.

While you’re waiting for more of my stuff to come into being, you should definitely go check out some amazing stuff by friend and fellow artist/writer Joel Lux.

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