My apologies for not keeping up here. It has been madness. Not to bore anyone with the personal details, but in the midst of a life overhaul, divorce, co-parenting, finding an amazing person I’m now engaged to, going back to school, and writing and illustrating a graphic novel, I don’t always think to update. 

But thanks for hanging in there. And if you haven’t seen it or heard it already, demiGod Part II the audiobook is out! You can check it out on my site here

And did somebody say graphic novel? Yes, yes I did. The script is pretty far along, but I feel that the art isn’t coming along nearly as quickly. Can’t rush the magic though!

The first chapter (or issue, as they say) of my scifi drama is almost done (pencils, inks, colors, etc), which I think is pretty snazzy. Here’s a little snippet about the project.

Speaking of snippets, I’ve been working on an app to bring my website a little closer to the masses. Stay tuned to for news about the release.

As always, stay tan out there. 

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